Case Study | The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger – Chapter 1 Part 4: Why It’s Okay Being Rejected To Write For Copyblogger

Being Rejected

I am not going to lie in your face and tell you I liked being rejected to write a guest post for Copyblogger. It’s not a nice feeling. If your hopes were up quite high and you dreamt of getting published on Copyblogger, I suspect it to be even harder. Yes I wanted to be published on Copyblogger. Yes I still dream about being published on Copyblogger. And yes, I won’t give up until I have been published on Copyblogger.

This was my optimistic pitch:

“Hi Brian/Sonia...

I just read your update line at the top of your guest posting guidelines page. I understand that your content calendar is full and that you may not be accepting guest posts at present, but I thought I'd give it a shot nevertheless. The worst that can happen is that you turn me down.

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Review: Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba

Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba

If you have been around blogosphere for a while chances are that you have heard of Jane Sheeba from Problogging Success or you at least have read one of her 200+ guest posts published all over the show. Jane has been around for more than six (6) years and when it comes to blogging, I trust her blogging judgement and experience with everything inside me. She has taught me more about blogging than I can account for and has inspired me to become a better blogger since the day I met her.

Since first meeting her and following her around for some time I have been honored to become a contributor to Problogging Success and its readers and although I only have one post under my belt over there, I intend to change that in the very near future. Jane and I have become good friends in the blogging industry and I am honored to have been given the opportunity to review her new report called "Can I Really Make Money Blogging?"

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Case Study | The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger – Chapter 1 Part 3: Taking Massive Action

Taking Massive Action

I woke up this morning with excitement in me that is hard to describe. It’s the kind of excitement a small child gets when it’s time to open those Christmas gifts. That kind of excitement you get when you’ve been looking forward to something for quite some time and now that time has finally arrived.

I remember laying in bed and thinking by myself that today I must make things count as huge things are about to happen; I realized I needed to get ready.

The last update I did to my journey of becoming and living the life of a successful freelance blogger, I mentioned that after everything had been successfully set up here on the site, it’s finally time to get out there and land that very first paid freelance blogging gig. I outlined briefly the strategy I was going to follow: I mentioned that I have been given the advice of looking for decent writing gigs over at the Job Board and that’s exactly what I was planning to follow.

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Case Study | The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger – Chapter 1 Part 2: Challenges Are Part Of Things

We May Encounter Many Challenges On Our Journey To Success

This is the second week after the launch of with the first post called Case Study | The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger – Chapter 1 Part 1: “Fertilization” that was released that very same day. This was indeed the start of my journey of becoming and living the life of a successful freelance blogger. The following post after that was a bit more about myself and my background as well as the motivation and inspiration behind starting this site while finding what I am passionate about, which of course is turned out to be blogging. I have decided to turn that passion into reality and since then have been working on pursuing my career as a freelance blogger.

If you have been following my journey from the very start you probably know that evolved from an idea to a fully designed site with three blog posts, an ‘About Me’, ‘Start Here!’, ‘Toolbox’, ‘Hire Me’, ‘Blog’ and ‘Contact’ page, numerous custom widgets, plugins and a bit here and there – all within one week.

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Freelance Blogging Strategy: Getting Freelance Blogging Gigs

Freelance Blogging Strategy

Finally I think I am satisfied with where my site's design and development is at. I think I have done enough in terms of portraying the overall message of my site. My homepage clearly starts off with the journey I am on and that I welcome every single one interested to become part of and follow me on this journey of becoming a successful freelance blogger.

On my About Page I tell readers a little more about myself and then I follow through with telling them what Freelance.Blogging.Life. is all about and why I would absolutely love for people to join me on my journey.

The rest of my homepage clearly emphasizes the professional writing services that I offer. The Hire Me page lists everything I am capable of and willing to deliver as well as it makes crystal clear who I want to work with - individuals and business owners serious about taking their business and online presence to the next level, willing to invest sufficient time, energy and resources into making it the best success it can be.

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How To Find Your Passion In Life | The Background

Finding Your True Passion

Regardless of whether you have found your passion in life and whether you are already living it, I am sure YOU of all people know that finding what you are truly passionate about and then no matter what it takes but to follow your passion, is not an easy task.

I am not a person that believes too eagerly in the word "luck". I believe everything that happens to us in life is a direct result of the way we live our lives and according to the influences we have in our lives. Please don't understand me wrong here. I am not saying bad things happening to you means you are doing something necessarily wrong because bad things do happen to good people, without a doubt.

I do feel though that we are more than capable of steering our lives in a certain direction through what we believe, embrace and ultimately follow through with on a daily basis. I have my own definition for the word "luck" which goes more or less something like this:

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Case Study | The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger – Chapter 1 Part 1: Fertilization

My Freelance Blogging Journey

If you are here then it means you have read a little around on the site, scrolled through my professional writing services that I provide, maybe even have read a post or two I've written on other websites or you may even have signed up to my newsletter so you can follow me along on my journey of becoming a successful freelance blogger.

Whatever it is that you have been doing thus far on Freelance.Blogging.Life. the point is if you are reading this, then I am pretty convinced that you at least have a slight interest in following me on my journey of becoming a successful freelance blogger. You might even have an interest in becoming a successful freelance blogger yourself; I don't know at this stage but I would absolutely LOVE it if that's the case, so if you are, please let me know so I know that you are on my team, okay?

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