Freelance Blogging Strategy: Getting Freelance Blogging Gigs

Strategy To Getting Freelance Blogging Gigs

Finally I think I am satisfied with where my site’s design and development is at. I think I have done enough in terms of portraying the overall message of my site. My homepage clearly starts off with the journey I am on and that I welcome every single one interested to become part of and follow me on this journey of becoming a successful freelance blogger.

On my About Page I tell readers a little more about myself and then I follow through with telling them what Freelance.Blogging.Life. is all about and why I would absolutely love for people to join me on my journey.

The rest of my homepage clearly emphasizes the professional writing services that I offer. The Hire Me page lists everything I am capable of and willing to deliver as well as it makes crystal clear who I want to work with – individuals and business owners serious about taking their business and online presence to the next level, willing to invest sufficient time, energy and resources into making it the best success it can be.

My Hire Me page lists a good number of my work published on various sites which should serve as enough to portray my writing voice and capabilities as a freelance blogger.

Furthermore, on my homepage I think it’s more than clear enough how anyone can get into Contacting Me should they have any interest in my services or advice.

Finding freelance blogging gigs

With everything in place and while Google does its job on indexing my site, in-between all other efforts from my side like optimizing my existing content, creating more content and split-testing with every step I go, I need to start get in front of potential clients. I need to start finding freelance blogging gigs.

Remember as I have mentioned in my very first post here on Freelance.Blogging.Life. I have absolutely no experience in freelance blogging or getting paid to blog by anyone. I have never looked for or asked anyone to compensate me for a blog post before.

Yes I have written articles for people. I have written other copy and web content for clients and yes I have a number of guest posts under my belt but I have no experience whatsoever in getting paid to write a blog post.

I do have two things in mind to get started though. This is what I have been reading about: Other people being successful freelance bloggers say that the easiest way or what they have done at least is by approaching job boards and just applying for gigs that look appealing. I am certainly not measuring my own success to those of others and even if I do follow the advice of others and things don’t work out, I won’t get discouraged or anything else as I realize (a lesson I’ve learnt quite a while ago) that what works for one particular person online is not a guarantee that it will work for you.

It’s just the way it is. People are different and people have different capabilities and put different volumes of effort into projects. People communicate differently and so forth. I am done measuring my own success against that of someone else. I am not in a competition. I have a clear goal in mind and how I get there and when I get there is irrelevant.

However, to start things off, I am going to follow the first piece of advice I got from another freelance blogger. I am going to write a short, to-the-point general email template which will be my pitch to various advertisers looking for freelance bloggers. I am not even sure what these kind of ads look like but I have been advised to stay away from Craigs List and I remember one person (someone I won’t mention right here right now in order to keep her from unknowingly acquiring some enemies) referring to it as “content mills”.

I am going to approach the Problogger Job Board to start off with and depending on the number of opportunities I find there, I might move onto the Freelance Switch Job Board and apply for more freelance blogging gigs over there.

Note: I noticed that Freelance Switch Job Board does require an active monthly subscription in order to be able to apply for jobs. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it will certainly keep the junk out and I would imagine eliminate a lot of other competition too (including myself for the moment until I have at least made some income from freelance blogging before being able to invest into advertising) which should make it easier for you to land a gig if you deliver good quality content of course.

I have no idea how long it may take before I hear back from a potential client. I have a good feeling that any good potential client would want to offer a trial run, fully compensated of course. In the meantime I will continue to build my brand and my name out there by finding more and contributing at my regular guest posting venues which should have me seeing some traffic to my site. This of course I hope will either result in potential clients or more eager supporters to follow me on my journey.

The ideal of course being the best of both the above mentioned worlds…

Over to YOU

What do you think of my strategy? Do you have anything you’d like to add or recommend? Please feel free to share your thoughts with me while I go off in search of those much-wanted freelance blogging gigs.

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