How To Find Your Passion In Life | The Background

Finding Your True Passion

Regardless of whether you have found your passion in life and whether you are already living it, I am sure YOU of all people know that finding what you are truly passionate about and then no matter what it takes but to follow your passion, is not an easy task.

I am not a person that believes too eagerly in the word "luck". I believe everything that happens to us in life is a direct result of the way we live our lives and according to the influences we have in our lives. Please don't understand me wrong here. I am not saying bad things happening to you means you are doing something necessarily wrong because bad things do happen to good people, without a doubt.

I do feel though that we are more than capable of steering our lives in a certain direction through what we believe, embrace and ultimately follow through with on a daily basis. I have my own definition for the word "luck" which goes more or less something like this:

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