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Are you looking to enhance your online presence and establish your business website or blog as an authority within your chosen niche? I offer professional content writing services of outstanding quality that will help you to achieve your online goals.

I have worked with high-end clients both on- and offline and the results have been outstanding. I take pride in my work and my clients are happy to attach their highly respected names to the quality content I create. I am absolutely confident that you will receive quality and professionalism beyond your wildest expectations. I offer unlimited revisions of my content until you are ultimately satisfied with the standard of my work.

Web Content Services

With extensive experience of designing and branding quite a number of my own and also numerous client sites over the years, creating compelling web content specializing in blog content and article writing is what I love doing most.

Every article or blog post I write goes through a 3-step process before I hit the publish button:

  1. Extensive Research – Every topic I write about and the content I write on it is not just sucked from my thumb so to speak. These topics and the facts used within the article have been thoroughly researched and used based on truthful, reliable and verified sources with a 100% proven track record.
  2. Layout, Design & Structure – Each article and blog post has a unique angle or approach it targets to resonate best with the intended target audience. The layout, design and structuring of the piece play a huge part of the success of the article in the end.
  3. Optimization – There is no point to any piece of writing if it doesn’t get found by the intended target audience. Effective on- and off page optimization ensure that the largest possible percentage of the intended target audience finds the content through organic mediums as well as social sharing.

Fill out the form provided on my Contact Page and select “Web Content Services” from the drop-down menu, tell me as much about your project or idea as you possibly can so we can get the ball rolling on working towards your best solution.

Proofreading & Editing Services

In order to create outstanding content of any sort, an integral part and massive determining factor behind the success of the piece of content is the quality of the editing that went into finalizing it.

Sometimes it just takes that extra pair of eyes and creative writing skills to add that much needed final touch to your piece of writing or web content in order to attract the maximum results with it.

Fill out your details on the form provided on the Contact Page and select “Proofreading & Editing” from the drop-down list, give me as much detail about your specific requirements as you possibly can and we can work out your perfect solution according to your requirements.

Digital Information Product Creation

Do you perhaps have an idea you would like to turn into a digital information product or free report but you either don’t have the writing skills or the time it takes to accomplish this?

With quite a number of my own reports and also a few eBooks currently published on Amazon Kindle, I have the skills and expertise you need in order to turn your idea into reality through quality content writing. Speak to me for more information about how I can assist you in creating your next eBook, free report, manifesto or any other written digital information product, course or newsletter.

If you are ready to get your idea turned into a digital info product, Contact Me, give me as much information about your specific requirements and let’s discuss a strategy to help you reach your goal.

Here’s what others say…

Great Results. Good Value. High Integrity.

David Englert

“You can’t go wrong with Ruan. He’s excellent at what he does and the work is always exactly what I asked for, done to perfection.”

David Englert – (DavidEnglert.com)

Very personable. Reliable. Creative.

Kristi Hines

“Ruan’s first post on my blog Kikolani was such a hit that I was happy to have him contribute several more posts! I wish you could choose more than three attributes, because I would also add that he’s very personable, on time with his content, reliable, and creative. Definitely someone I would recommend writing work to as a fellow freelance writer!”

Kristi Hines – (kikolani.com)

Focused. Extremely Dedicated. Dependable.

Alecia Stringer

“Ruan is very dependable and does what you need in accomplishing your article needs. I recommend you use his services, as he delivers the highest value.”

Alecia Stringer – (2asuccessdreamblog.com)

Apart from web content/ghostwriting services, proofreading & editing services or digital information product creation services, I also offer various other professional writing and consultation services. Please feel free to Contact Me regarding any other special requirements or content writing needs you may have.

Examples Of My Work…

I currently write for sites like kikolani.com, WeBlogBetter.com, Problogging Success, Famous Bloggers and I am soon to be featured on Problogger.net. I have also written for Firepole Marketing and have done some work for Ana Hoffman over at Traffic Generation Cafe on her site.

Here are a few examples of my work published on various sites…

  • 7 Critical Elements Of Effective & Complete Domain Management
  • Why Re-Inventing The Traffic Generation Wheel Is A Bad Idea And What To Do Instead
  • How Distractions Paralyze Your Productivity As A Freelance Writer & How To Eliminate Them
  • Having A Mentor – Ever Considered The Possibilities?
  • The Value Of Writing Your Ideas Down
  • 10 Valuable Steps To Traffic Generation + One
  • Why Trying To Re-Invent The Traffic Generation Wheel Might Be A Bad Idea
  • The Close Relation Between Blogging And Freelance Writing
  • 5 Productivity Tips Very Writer Should Implement +1
  • How To Interview Your Way Into Blogosphere
  • Why Using Tactics As A Freelance Writer Is Important – Part 1
  • Why Using Tactics As A Freelance Writer Is Important – Part 2
  • Why Using Tactics As A Freelance Writer Is Important – Part 3
  • Why Using Tactics As A Freelance Writer Is Important – Part 4
  • How To Do It Like A Pro When You’re New At It (ANYTHING)
  • Case Study: How To Improve By 50% Resulting In A Win-Win-Win Situation When Launching A Product
  • 5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Business Name
  • Case Study: What Is Required To Go From Idea To Reality?

Get In Touch

If you’d like to make use of any of my services or if you’d like to discuss any special requirements you may have, feel free to contact me at info[at]freelanceblogginglife[dot]com or alternatively fill out my Contact Form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to possibly work with you!

Ruan Oosthuizen | Freelance Writer | Professioanl Blogger

P.S. I am pretty selective who I work with, so please ONLY contact me if you are serious about taking action and getting the results you’re after including the budget required to do so. To YOU I’ll give my absolute best!