Review: Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba

Review of: Can I Really Make Money Blogging?
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Jane Sheeba

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On December 17, 2012
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Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba is the kind of resource I would recommend to any newbie asking the question whether one can make money blogging. This guide goes into detail why and how indeed it is possible to make money blogging. A must read!

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Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba

Note: Although I made a promise to myself that this site will not be overwhelmed by advertisements and shoving products down my readers’ throats around every corner and empty space I can find on the site, I did also promise myself that when I encounter a product I think will enhance the writing career of any writer reading my site and its content, I will not hesitate to introduce it to them. Please know this is done with the purest of intentions at heart and for no other reason.

If you have been around blogosphere for a while chances are that you have heard of Jane Sheeba from Problogging Success or you at least have read one of her 200+ guest posts published all over the show. Jane has been around for more than six (6) years and when it comes to blogging, I trust her blogging judgement and experience with everything inside me. She has taught me more about blogging than I can account for and has inspired me to become a better blogger since the day I met her.

Since first meeting her and following her around for some time I have been honored to become a contributor to Problogging Success and its readers and although I only have one post under my belt over there, I intend to change that in the very near future. Jane and I have become good friends in the blogging industry and I am honored to have been given the opportunity to review her new report called “Can I Really Make Money Blogging?”

I have made no secret of the fact that I am indeed good friends with Jane and that I have been admiring her work since the first day I started following her. I do want to stress that the following review is objective by nature and I will be clear and honest with my findings and overall opinion of her report.

Can I Really Make Money Blogging? by Jane Sheeba

Jane started blogging more than six years ago when (it’s fairly safe to say) it was a little easier to start a successful blog than it is theses days. This is purely because there weren’t nearly as much competition as there are in just about every niche you can think of today.

By this I don’t mean Jane had it easy. In the contrary, Jane worked pretty hard to get to where she’s at today. I’ve always known her as an action taker and as far as my knowledge stretches, she is one of the very few successful bloggers I know that still has a normal day job so you can imagine how many hours she puts into the things she does. With my previous statement I simply want to emphasize that Jane has seen the best of both worlds: when things were easier to set up and today when things are a little more technical and complex than they were.

What This Guide Is NOT

If you want someone to tell you that to start a blog and make money with it is easy, please don’t waste your time or $9.99 the report costs as you will be utterly disappointed.

Should you perhaps live under the illusion that it’s easy to set up a successful blog, you can just sit back and you will make millions within a week or two, again, please don’t waste your time or money.

Perhaps you think you won’t have to do much; Jane will give you the “magic formula” on how you can set things up on auto pilot and you won’t have to lift a finger after that? Don’t bother my friend as again, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

To summarize what this guide is not – This guide is not a quick fix to a lazy person looking to be spoon-fed with magic secrets “never seen before” strategies which take you a minute to implement which you can “set and forget” and you can just sit back and watch the millions roll in while you have your lazy bum stretched out on some remote island with margaritas at sundown.

What This Guide Is ALL about.

Can I Really Make Money Blogging? consists of six chapters totaling 67 pages of pure content including the odd rant or two about things you can pick up that irritates Jane as a professional blogger which she warns you about for obvious reasons.

The guide delves into the history of setting up a blog and moves to present day tactics and technologies you need to be aware of as a new blogger. Jane starts out with highlighting the right mindset you need to adapt when starting out with your career as a blogger in order to have the maximum potential of reaching the top in one piece.

Thereafter actionable step-by-step instructions of what you need, where you need to get it and how to use everything you need in order to set things up the way professionals do, even if you’re a total newbie without any experience.

What I Disliked About The Guide

There is one whole chapter about “fake it till you make it” which I personally only agree to a certain degree with. Jane’s whole argument and rant in this chapter goes against newbie bloggers whom have not yet made it but teaching others as if they have.

This can be understood to some degree but only if what the newbie is teaching is completely wrong or utter BS as some might better understand. And I’ll tell you why I say this…

I believe that when any fact or statement is made and it’s the complete truth and it teaches me something which is right, to me personally it doesn’t matter where or from who it comes from. A small child of five years old can teach me how to do something and if what he teaches me improves my life, then kudos to him, whether he is five years old or eighty five years old.

To illustrate my point a little further – My science tutor at university that taught me any formula, let’s say something familiar (hopefully) to most, like E=MC2. That tutor teaches that formula because he studied and read a text book that was written and contained formulas people like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton formulated. The tutor didn’t do the experiments and gained the knowledge through experience as Jane believes it should be. No, he studied a text book with these facts, got his degree and now teaches it to others.

In short, he did some research and now teaches what he found to be true.

To me, that’s the same thing as a new blogger, no matter his personal experience as a new blogger – if he has been following some experts in the field that have proven and tested track records, and what he’s learnt is the actual truth and then he goes and teaches that same facts to another person, to me there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. No matter how long he has had or how he got the knowledge, whether from personal experience OR simply thorough research, if it’s the truth and it will improve my life or skills, I couldn’t care less where it comes from.

What I do agree on about this chapter is promoting a product or service when you have not used or have personal experience with it. To me this is something completely different and I agree you can not promote something you haven’t used so you can truthfully say you know it works for a fact because you have used it yourself. I totally agree with this and I am completely against affiliates promoting products or services they sometimes wouldn’t even know the content of themselves.

What I Loved About Can I Really Make Money Blogging?

Tailored To The Absolute Beginner

Any newbie can take this report and the information it contains and will know exactly what to do after reading it. Nothing is left unclear and everything is explained so the least tech-savvy person knows exactly what Jane is talking about. This for me is important as the most frustrating thing for me after reading any “how to’ guide is too many questions hindering me from getting started right away after reading it.

Well Structured

As mentioned in the previous point, the report is tailored to the absolute beginner. By being well structured I mean that every step is clear and the next one follows the previous. This guide takes your hand from the very beginning and walks you through every step to getting things done, with nothing left out, in a well ordered manner. Each chapter starts with a simple explanation, then comes the solution with actionable steps and examples to get there.

Not Overwhelming To The Beginner

As Jane mentions within the guide – There are literally hundreds of ways to make money with a blog and Jane has tried most if not all of them. She could have easily included every single one of those ways in this guide but she intentionally didn’t. She gave what she has found works the best and which she thinks any newbie would easily be able to implement himself. I admire her for that.

No Fluff

This is rare. But this is Jane. You don’t get fluff from her and thank goodness for that! If you take each tip and strategy explained in this guide to heart, but more importantly, if you take drastic action and implement everything you’ll learn, there is no reason on this earth why you shouldn’t be able to make money blogging. Everything you need to achieve this goal is contained within this guide.

But you need to take action or you’ll be wasting your time and mere $9.99 the report sells for…

Yay or Nay To Can I Really Make Money Blogging?

As a writer and more specifically, as a freelance blogger, having your own blog I believe is essential to becoming successful at what you do. Having a blog and making money from it even as a freelance writer is part of what we do.

If I come across a product or service that helps me achieve that as a freelance blogger then I will be all for it. This report by Jabe Sheeba, Can I Really Make Money Blogging? does just that. It teaches me step by step how I can set up my blog and make honest earnings from it, even as a freelance blogger.

From me it’s a definite Yay to Can I Really Make Money Blogging? and I will certainly recommend it to any newbie blogger asking the question whether it’s really possible making money blogging.

If you think you are serious enough to start making money blogging, I will recommend you head over here and grab your copy (not an affiliate link) of Can I Really Make Money Blogging? which at only $9.99 is a complete give-away!

Last Words…

If you’re an action taker, no-fluff and no-BS kind of person serious enough with a strong desire to make a success of making money through blogging, this guide will be one of the best investments you as a newbie can make.

Take the information contained within, take drastic action and without expecting results overnight, keep at it without giving up – you will thank Jane for it later, without a doubt as you will see the results you are currently only dreaming about.

As always, my best of freelance blogging success to you!

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