My Journey, Your Roadmap

You being here on this page is OUR (that’s YOU and me) green light to get tremendously excited! You are interested in finding out what my journey is all about, aren’t you? *excited smile*

Should you have read about my journey in any other place you may even already feel like this is a journey you’d like to get on ASAP!

In case you have no idea what on earth I am talking about…

This is indeed my journey of becoming and improving my successful freelance writing career focusing on freelance blogging.

My goal with this blog is to be transparent and honest in documenting every step I take in order to land paid guest writing gigs, how I will apply for those gigs, everything from start to hopefully not a soon end of establishing and then successfully living my passion finding freedom as a well-trusted, well-compensated and overall flourishing freelance blogger.

Should you have an interest in following me along on my journey, cry with me when I cry and dance with me in the rain when I do, fail with me when I do and stand firm as a victor when I will, then I’d like to invite you to simply fill out your details in the form provided below so I can keep you updated as I go along.

"Follow my journey"
Keep up to date with everything I go through, every challenge, every mistake I make BUT also every little bit of success I achieve on my journey to become and sustain a successful freelance blogging career...

Now that you are assured of not being able to miss a thing, you most probably want to get started on this journey right away, correct? Feeling the excitement yet? Yeah? Can you see me dancing already with a body consisting of pure “victor cells” filled with laminin a.k.a. …*one second pause*… “victor cells”?

You better believe it!

Your Road Map

Getting To Know Me

Action Plan

P.S. This page will be updated as I go along on the journey and will ultimately be the complete road map of this project, the very start and your freelance blogging guide as it is intended to be.

Essentially what that means to you as a follower and hopefully partaker of this journey is that you should always be able to come back to this page and catch up from the last post you read the last time you showed some face here.

A friendly and hugely enthusiastic reminder is that the biggest determining factor of the success of this journey from an engagement point of view is whether YOU as my travel companions are going to interact with me in the comments of each post. Let’s get the motivation and discussion going in there, help each other going when the going gets tough and celebrate when the smell of victory is close, deal? I’d love that and I know you’ll love it even more!

Happy travelling and I look forward to seeing you at the resting points along the way!

Ruan Oosthuizen | Freelance Writer | Professioanl Blogger

photo by: KWDesigns